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Small plates,
tiny prices.

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Forget what you think you know about Papamacs.

Papamacs Gourmet Kitchen is a small, family-owned restaurant in the heart of Renfrewshire, on Johnstone's Houstoun Square - that much is still true. However, everything else you've heard about us is probably now out of date. We've just launched our new small plates concept that's turned dinner on its head - and it's the talk of Renfrewshire! 


Why you
should care:


1. quality.

Imagine fine dining chefs (from Cameron House, Braidwoods, the Spanish Butcher, Brian Maule) doing their take on hearty family fare, and selling it in a small plates format for £4.

Well - that’s us you’re imagining. You’re imagining us. 


2. Price.

We’ve invented an awesome menu that’s so stupidly cheap, you’ll assume there’s a typo. More than half of the options are just £4. 

Have a look for yourself:

Papamacs-Food-Overlay-002 copy.jpg

3. variety.

We've come up with fifty small plates for you to choose from, including eighteen veggie options. Simple fare to fine dining. 

And wait until you see the food! 


ready to book? 


Awesome! We're at 5 Houstoun Square, in the heart of Johnstone. We only take bookings for dinner, and we only serve dinner Friday to Sunday. 

Also - you can only book for up to eight people online. More than 8? Give us a call on 01505 325 772.

sun-thurs: 9.30am - 5pm           (last orders-4pm)

fri-sat: 9.30am - 10pm                 (last orders-9pm)

5 Houstoun Square, JOhnstone, Pa5 8DT
01505 325 772


a short history.

Chef proprietor Scott Keenan is a decorated and highly experienced fine dining chef, and a Johnstone boy to boot. He's worked in some of Scotland's most celebrated kitchens (Number 16 Byres Road, Perthshire Estate Kinnaird, Braidwoods of Dalry, MacCallums of Troon, Cameron House), and owns Papamacs along with his better half Lisa, who he married in 2007. The name Papamacs comes from Lisa's grandfather - Papa McIntosh, or Jimmy to his close friends and family, was head of the McIntosh Clan. He loved nothing more than having family and friends round to relax, socialise and most importantly eat good food! 

Sadly Papa Mac hung up his apron strings in February 2010 and he's sorely missed by the whole family. He generously left a financial contribution to Scott and Lisa, with the instruction that it wasn't to be spent on bills. So Scott and Lisa set about creating a restaurant for the family, something that they could build for their family and for their local community. Papamacs opened (as Papamacs Deli Bistro) in spring of 2011. As it turned out, Papamacs wasn't the only new chapter in the Keenan/McIntosh story in that period, as Scott and Lisa had their first child together, Dylan (Little Chef), in 2013.