Staff Vacancies at Papamacs Gourmet Kitchen


sous chef

We're looking for a highly experienced individual who's passionate about food, to come and join the team. Experience in a fresh food environment is essential. We make all of our stuff in house and this includes all the tray bakes and cakes for the counter. A diverse range of different styles gets covered, from the breakfast and omelettes on the daytime menu through to more complex dishes for weekend, utilising thermomixes, sous vide machines, ice cream churners etc.

Our restaurant is only open until 5pm on weekdays, and so you will have weeknights off except for special events nights. We're a small restaurant with an excellent reputation for food and service, and we want to add team members who can buy into that vision. This is not the usual crap pay for crap hours and never getting to see your family / selling your soul to your catering gods position.  This is great life balance of hours whilst still getting to do the chefy stuff that was the reason for us getting in to the trade in the first place. We must be one of the very few places where you get most nights off but still get good hours. Then on top of that the daily experience of covering the basics right through to the chefy stuff. We are not a place that is stuck just using sous vide machines and we are not a place that is just doing the simple eatery stuff. We are doing all of that and everything in between - just check our Instagram page for a sense of the range of stuff that we do. So if you want to broaden your skill set or your knowledge base then get applying. Equally if you have been stuck in a sous vide kitchen and feel you're missing out on the basics of pan work, then get applying.

You will be working directly under a chef patron in a small but well thought out and well equipped kitchen that is also well maintained. So no broken equipment that does not get fixed and never gets replaced. This would suit a strong, very capable, well experienced senior chef de partie or a highly motivated junior sous looking to take their first right hand man spot.

The basic salary is 20k per annum, plus an equal share of the monthly "BONUS" dished out. There is none of that "chefs don't get any of the bonus" madness that occurs. Everyone on the team including the kitchen porters get their equal share. If your first thought is that you can get more money, then you may well be right - but that will in a place that is open every night of the week with a significantly higher turnover than us. If don't have a young family that you want to see before they go to bed or a gym membership that you want to utilise etc., then apply to work in an a place where none of that matters. The wage here is the wage here and that is what can be afforded by us and our business model. That is what is on offer - our business wont be changing as we do want a life and we do want to see our kids and family etc. If that's a good fit for your own ambitions, then please get in touch.

In the first instance, please send a CV to with up to date contact information and you will get a call to chat about any questions you may have. Thanks!